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Principal's Message

It is a privilege to be the principal of Upper Swan Primary School. We have many fantastic students and supportive families who work with us to create a positive learning environment. The school grounds and surroundings help to create an ideal atmosphere in which to learn and work.

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School Health Services

Health information for parents of upper primary children.Your child will soon be a teenager, so now's a good time to think about some important health issues.Click here to view the brochure from the Government of Western Australia Child and Adolescent Health Service.    

Communication Protocols

The Education Department has published Communication Protocols. They have been developed, in consultation with unions, and principal and parent associations, to use in school communities to promote a shared responsibility for providing safe, supportive and productive learning environments.  

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Road Safety Guide

Click here to view the latest Road Safety Guide for students by the City of Swan. It is aimed at younger primary-aged children and provided for your information.  

Cyber Safety

Keep your children safe on-line.Stay informed and help your children stay safe on-line. Student Edge will be providing information about digital reputation, cyber bullying, stranger danger and on-line etiquette.

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Concussion in Sport!

Common to all sport, regardless of genre or code is the importance of participant health and safety.  The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) have recently published important information regarding concussion which includes information for parents, coaches and teachers.

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School Uniform

Upper Swan Primary School takes pride in the appearance of our students and the purchase of our school uniform is highly recommended. The uniform is very affordable and is organised by our fantastic P & C members.

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