Early Childhood Area
In April of 2011 a new three classroom block was completed. Two pre primary classes and two kindergarten groups are accommodated in these room. One kindergarten group is located in a transportable classroom. Two old transportable rooms were removed in September of 2011. It is expected that some time in 2012 the early childhood playground will be redeveloped. This may include a bike track, sandpit, swing set, fence and grass. 

Years 1 to 7
Classes in years 1 to 3 are housed in the "junior block" of seven classrooms that was opened in 2003. The 'junior block" has a large multi-purpose central activity area that includes a kitchen and interactive white board. There is a teachers' work room and a preparation room for education assistants. Year 4 to 7 students are accommodated in one block of five classrooms that was built in the 1970's. By the end of term 1, 2012 all classrooms will have an interactive whiteboard. Each classroom has at least four computer workstations. 

Specialist Rooms
The junior block also has a purpose built Art/Craft room that includes a kiln room. The music program runs out of a transportable classroom. We have a purpose built library that contains a bank of computers.   

All rooms are air conditioned. 

Covered Assembly Area / Canteen
We have a covered assembly area where we host many different school events. Children also eat their morning tea and lunch there. The most recent extension was completed in term 2 of 2011. The area is now completely enclosed. The P & C canteen is housed here as well. the canteen operates at recess and lunch times on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  

We are most fortunate to have four excellent adventure playgrounds. One is in the early childhood area for their exclusive use. One is on the main oval for use by year 4 to 7 students. One is near the undercover area and is used by year 1, 2 and 3 students. These three playgrounds have a shade structures covering them. The most popular piece of equipment we have is "the spida", that gives the children many options on how to explore its structures. This is suitable for students from year 4 to 7.   

Environmental Program
We have several structures in our playground that parents and students have helped create as part of our environmental programs. These are: vegetable garden, worm farm, garden compost compound and chicken coop.