School Board

The School Board is formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling parents, staff and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school.

Responsibilities of the School Board Members
Board members are expected to represent the school community. Members do not represent one viewpoint or the view of an individual, or for example, political or religious affiliations. Members comply with the School Education Act 1999 and School Education Regulations 2000; and the Board’s terms of reference and code of conduct.

Functions of the School Board
The functions of the School Board is prescribed by the School Education Act 1999 and the School Education Regulations 2000 as follows:

Take part in:
• establishing and reviewing from time to time, the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions; 
• planning financial arrangements necessary to fund those objectives, priorities and directions;
• evaluating the school’s performance in achieving those objectives, priorities and directions;
• formulating codes of conduct for students at the school; and
• take part in the selection of, but not the appointment of, the school principal or any other member of the teaching staff if prior approval is given by the Regional Executive Director.

• a charge or contribution determined by the principal for the provision of materials, services
and facilities;
• the costs determined by the principal to be paid for participation in an extra cost optional
component of the school’s educational program;
• the items determined by the principal to be supplied by a student for the student’s personal
use in the school’s educational program; and
• an agreement or arrangement for advertising or sponsorship in relation to a government

• in consultation with students, their parents and staff of the school, a dress code for students
when they are attending or representing the school.

• the school in the community.

2023 School Board Members


Ms Pamela Hahnel


Parent Representatives

Mr David Jeffs (Chairperson)
Mrs Karina Begley

Mrs Rebecca Russell

Mr Lachlan Denning

Community Representatives
Mrs Charlotte Gosatti

Mrs Karen Corica

Staff Representatives

Mrs Jessica Munro

Mrs Jodie Jones