Student Health Information

If your child requires medication during school hours, you will need to complete and return an Administration of Medication Form to the front office before medication can be administered. The medication must be in the original packaging as provided by the pharmacy detailing the patient script information.


Permission for Administration of Medication Form


Student Health Care Summary Form 1


Health Conditions

Parents of students with particular medical conditions e.g. epilepsy, allergies, asthma will be required to provide a Health Care Plan for their child. Please speak with the front office staff regarding any medical conditions and allergies that may require a plan.


Upper Swan Primary school is an allergy aware school. Please do not send food items with peanuts and traces of peanuts or nut products.


Allergy Policy


Medical Emergencies
In case of a medical emergency children will be treated by the staff member on duty (within the limits of their expertise). Every effort will be made to contact parents however, if necessary an ambulance will be called. The ambulance service will invoice the family directly. 


Please ensure that all data relating to HEALTH, EMERGENCY CONTACTS and MEDICAL PRACTITIONER on your child's ENROLMENT CARD are up to date.


Sick Children
It is advisable for children with colds, sore throats, coughs and ear infections to be kept at home – even if they feel well and want to come to school.  This will prevent infecting other children and staff and avoid your child becoming distressed unnecessarily.


Infectious Diseases information can be found at


Sick children cannot be left unattended in the medical room. 
• Parents or emergency listings will be contacted to collect the child.