Principal's Message

At Upper Swan Primary School we aim to ensure our students and parents feel welcome and have a strong sense of belonging to the school. We value the contribution our students make and the involvement of parents in our school.

We regard you, the parents, as your child’s first and most important teacher. From you they learn things that will be vital to their success in school. They learn to be inquisitive about their world; to be interested in books, shapes, colours and numbers. Your children also learn patterns of behaviour that will determine how they react to the many situations that occur in school life.

When your children start kindergarten, their education becomes a partnership between our school and you. By working harmoniously we hope to build on the foundations you have provided to enable your children to achieve great things.

School Background

The first school opened in Upper Swan in 1857. Throughout the early years the population of the area was quite small and itinerant, causing the school to close several times. It has been operating continuously since 1905. As of 2012 we serve the locations of Upper Swan, Brigadoon, Millendon, Baskerville and The Vines. The eastern half of Henley Brook is now serviced by Aveley Primary School, which opened in January, 2012. Families from Henley Brook already enrolled at Upper Swan are able to continue coming to our school and we encourage them to stay with us.

The Vines is a shared school zone. Families in the southern half of The Vines may choose to send their children to Ellen Stirling Primary (Ellenbrook) and those in the northern half may choose to send their children to Malvern Springs Primary (opened in January, 2102).

Approximately 15% of our students “cross boundaries” to attend Upper Swan Primary. Most come from Ellenbrook, Aveley and Chittering Valley. Enrolments from outside our boundary are only accepted if we can accommodate them.

Parents have high expectations for their children, both academically and socially. The support parents give through P&C, School Council and volunteer work reflect the value placed on education. The commitment of parents to the school complements the commitment of staff and leads to us striving to achieve high level academic and social outcomes for students.

The school prides itself on looking to the future and the community has contributed significantly to the resources and facilities. Community support and a commitment by staff to the Department of Education's Classroom's First strategy ensures a positive and progressive school climate.

Curriculum Delivery


The principles of teaching, learning and assessment articulated in the Curriculum Framework are at the core of guiding the curriculum and pedagogy of the school. Staff are encouraged to self-reflect on their performance and that of the school to ensure that our approaches are consistent with these principles. We are committed to developing high standards of academic achievement, particularly in literacy and numeracy. We focus on providing inclusive teaching practices and support structures that address the diverse social, educational and emotional needs of our students and their families. This includes programmes for Students at Educational Risk, Pastoral Care Programs, proactive approaches to managing Student Behaviour, the promotion of student leadership roles across the school and encouraging cultural and sporting interests amongst our students.


Our Purpose


At Upper Swan Primary School we will create a caring learning environment that provides students with the opportunity to develop the academic and social skills they need to achieve their individual potential.
In framing this statement with the P & C and School Council; we mean both parents and staff.


Our Values


All people who learn, work and interact with Upper Swan Primary School share an educational environment founded on these key values:
- Being the best we can be.

- Showing respect for ourselves, each other and our environment.

- Acting with honesty and integrity in all we do.

- Taking responsibility for our actions.

- Embracing and Respecting diversity.

- Demonstrating empathy for others.

- Pride in our school and community.

- Acknowledgement and Valuing of Australia’s first people, our shared history and our multicultural society.
- Being active and valued members of the community.


As we enact these values in our daily lives we strive to achieve the following goals:
Students aim to:
- Show responsibility in the applications of skills, knowledge and values in order to make appropriate decisions.
- Learn constructively by participating fully in all class activities.

- Demonstrate care and respect in the way they deal with others, particularly towards those who are
perceived as being different.


Staff aim to:
- Be responsive and approachable

- Recognise and care for the individual needs of all students

- Create an enthusiastic and positive learning environment


Parents, care givers and family members are encouraged to:
- Participate actively and constructively in their child’s education.

- Show respect and support for the endeavours of staff in recognition of their position as dedicated
professional role models.

- Co-operate with the school in meeting the challenges and opportunities of educating our children.


Stephen Green Principal